Real Estate Talk: Smart Home, Smart Move

Smart Home

Real Estate Talk: Smart Home, Smart Move

Real Estate Talk: Smart Home, Smart Move

Technology is changing the way you use and view the world around you, and the same goes for your home. Not only do smart home improvements make life simpler and increase security, but it can certainly be a resale value boost should you choose to sell your home, increasing the value of your home by 3 to 5 percent, according to Consumer Reports. However, investing too much in home tech that is too complicated might be a drawback for a potential buyer. So, what improvements are worth the money for you and future homeowners?

Light It Up

It used to be that you were limited in your lighting options, but technology has now advanced to enable you to control specific bulbs with the touch of a button — even while you are away from home. There are plenty of lighting upgrade benefits such as automatic timers to save money and the ability to turn off any lights you left on by accident after leaving. Some can be set to dim automatically depending on the natural light coming in, equating to energy savings. Plus, you can add security by turning on lights while you are away.


There are several lighting options such as one-touch lighting and app-controlled lighting, but keep in mind that lighting is one area of home improvement where it is best to hire an electrician, especially if new wiring is involved. According to HomeAdvisor, the cost to install electrical switches, outlets, and fixtures in Portland, Oregon, ranges from $167 to $506, but it’s an expense worth paying for safety reasons, as well as to ensure it actually works.

Make Your Blinds Smart

Did you know you can automate your blinds? Many people don’t, but doing so could be a game-changer. One of the big ones is the money saved on your heating and cooling bill. Automated blinds enable you to open and close them with the touch of a button, as well as set them on a schedule to prevent warm/cool air from escaping. This type of automation can do wonders for your sleep health as well by getting your circadian rhythm back on track. Schedule the blinds to open at a particular time to get on a routine and make it easier to get up in the morning. Check out this list courtesy of Geeks of Technology for automated blind options.

Ramp Up Home Security

Home security is important, and technology has made it even easier to make sure your home remains safe and sound whether you are at home or miles away. A great investment is a home security system. You might be hesitant when you consider the monthly fees, but there are plenty of DIY systems that are just as effective — minus the additional monthly expense. However, if you’d prefer a system that will automatically alert the authorities, those fees are a necessity. The key is to find the system that has all the features you are after such as video monitoring, door/window alarms, and motion detection. Another investment to consider is a smart lock to give you peace of mind that you didn’t forget to lock up. Many send alerts to your phone as well, so you’ll know when family members arrive home safely.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

One of the most common ways to incorporate smart home technology in your home is with a smart thermostat. Rather than having to constantly adjust the temperature, a programmable smart thermostat enables you to set various presets throughout the day. Most smart thermostats keep track of your temperature preferences and automatically adjust for maximum comfort. Some even have motion detectors so that the temperature can be adjusted when no one is home. All of these features mean lots of savings in heating and cooling.

Smart home improvements don’t have to be super advanced and expensive. In fact, the best investment will be the tech tools that offer convenience, ease of use, and savings such as smart lighting, blinds, security, and HVAC. Not only will you enjoy them, but future buyers will too.

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