Thinking About Buying an Older Clark County Home?

Older Clark County Home Washington Real Estate

Thinking About Buying an Older Clark County Home?

Are you looking to Buy An Older Clark County Home? With many older neighborhoods experiencing revitalization, an older home might be a smart investment. So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to flip a house for cash, an older home in an established neighborhood might be perfect for you. Here are some things to think about when comparing an older home to a new house

Location, Location, Location

Urban neighborhoods with older homes regularly give less demanding access to open transportation and easy access to shopping, schools, spots of love and nearby organizations. Most more established neighborhoods have walkways, develop trees, and heaps of character and appeal. Some even have raise back roads, which permit moving carport and carport access to the back, and making front yards, walkways and avenues more secure for youngsters. New development has a tendency to be further from shopping and downtown work environments, and frequently can’t get to transports or prepares.


There are two types of tax savings you might find in an older neighborhood. The first is a tax beak or tax abatement. Sometimes a municipality uses tax breaks and abatement’s as an incentive to buyers to move in help revitalize an older neighborhood where empty houses and vacant lots can lead to crime and blight.

Another tax break is freedom from new-construction taxes imposed on new developments to pay for infrastructure such as water and sewer lines, roads and drainage and schools along with other municipal costs

Property taxes on an older Clark County home may seem higher upon first perusal, but taxes on older homes have less chance of massive increases than a newly constructed home. Typically, you pay property taxes in arrears, so you pay on the property assessment from the previous year. Unless you make massive changes to the property such as adding an addition or a second story, your tax rate should remain relatively stable year to year, only rising with a new levy. In new construction, the first year’s taxes may be based on undeveloped land, but at the second year, the full taxation for the house and developed property will kick in and could raise taxes four-fold or more.


Many older homes have the charm of certain eras of construction: Craftsman, Cape Cod, Colonial, Victorian, Tudor or Cottage-style homes often populate very old neighborhoods, while other neighborhoods may sport traditional ranch homes, or “contemporary” styles built in the 1950’s through 1970’s. If these styles appeal to your personal aesthetic, you’ll find an older neighborhood may suit you well. Older homes, ranch-style homes in particular, lend themselves well to additions and upgrades. Check out these ranch remodel photos. In addition, you may find several of these styles all in the same neighborhood, offering a unique eclectic vibe.

New construction, conversely, typically adopts one style (French Country, traditional brick, etc.) with variations on the same theme. While this give a new neighborhood continuity, it doesn’t offer much individuality. So, if an older neighborhood appeals to you, we can help you find just the right one for you. Give us a call and we’ll get started!

Are You Looking to Buy an  Older Clark County Home?

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